Tyler J. Nathe, MD

Friday Night Lights: Team Physicians Ensure Safety for Local High School Football Programs


At Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we care for kids! Our investment in children extends beyond the care received within the walls of our clinics. Our doctors have answered the call of local high school football teams to have a dedicated physician at all games. With Washington state regulations in place, parents and school officials can rest assured that their children only play this contact sport if a professional doctor deems them fit for play.

The rise of concussion awareness, as well as other long-term injuries, has played a big part in the initiative for higher safety precautions.  Each fall, Proliance Orthopaedics dedicates hundreds of volunteer hours to local community high school sports teams. This commitment brings personal satisfaction to our Sports Medicine Physicians, who went into the field with an expressed interest in caring for athletes. We believe this program provides a great support and value to the schools we serve as well.

For Proliance Orthopaedics Doctors, it’s not only about keeping the kids safe, it’s about giving back to the community and becoming part of the team. The care we give is critical to the players’ experience. It’s the difference between a player getting back in the game or sometimes never playing again. That in the moment call makes all the difference for the athlete and for Proliance Orthopaedics, it’s why we do what we do.

We proudly serve six of the local East side high schools, and hope to continue to grow this outreach program in our community.


For questions about our high school football sideline support, please contact Jody Turner.



Low Vitamin D Linked to Stress Fractures

A stress fracture is a small crack in the bone due to high activity levels.  This applies to all of our year round athletes that never really get a break in the action.  A stress fracture can cause you to miss a prolonged period of time from your sport to let it heal.

A recent study has shown a significantly increased risk of stress fractures in adolescent girl athletes that did not get enough vitamin D.  Another study showed decreased stress fractures in female military recruits that received supplementation.

In the winter as many as 71% of people on the pacific northwest are vitamin D deficient or insufficient.

Bottom Line: Get your vitamin D so you don’t need to take a break from the action!  The institute of medicine recommends 600 IU per day for people between the ages of 1 and 70.

Vitamin D Is Important for Athletic Performance

Recent studies have linked low vitamin D levels with decreased athletic performance.  German literature showed increased athletic performance with UV light as far back as the 1950’s.  Vitamin D is made in by your body when the skin is exposed to UV light.  A recent study of patients presenting with fractures to a pacific northwest hospital showed that 71% of people in the winter and 62% in the summer were vitamin D insufficient or deficient.

Bottom Line: The majority of people in the Pacific Northwest are Vitamin D deficient and this affects your athletic performance.  Make sure you take Vitamin D supplementation.  The institute of medicine recommends 600 IU of Vitamin D a day for people between the ages of 1 and 70 and 800 IU a day for those over 70.

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